Welcome to our research group

I welcome you to our website. Our laboratory is involved in the research of advanced mechanics and electronics of novel materials with specific applications areas in brain-inspired technology, sustainability, and bioengineering. Our research is often a culmination of efforts from several disciplines including mechanics, electronics, physics, biology, and material science. Brain-inspired computing, energy efficient devices, smart transducers, and biomedical technologies are some of the areas we cover.

We are committed to positively impacting the world through new scientific discoveries and technology. We strive not to be complacent in our endeavor, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that we may be the salt and the light of our scientific community and the society.

As the leader of this group, I welcome you to visit our website, talk with the members of our group, and discuss your research interests with us.

Thank you for visiting us.

All the best,

Seunghyun Lee, Ph.D.

We are hiring!

We want passionate PhD students and Postdocs. Tuition will be covered and stipend paid.

Please send me your resume, picture, transcript, and 1 page Statement of Purpose. Requires good communcation skill.

  • Area 1: Neuromorphic systems, Non-volatile memories, Novel materials

  • Area 2: Nanoscale heat transfer, charge transfer

  • Area 3: Energy Efficient Devices, Smart Transducers

Email : seansl at khu.ac.kr

석박사 및 포닥/연구교수 모집

뇌신경 모사 시스템 분야를 심도있게 연구하고 싶은 대학원생 및 연구교수를 모집합니다.

  • 석박사 통합, 박사과정 및 포스닥/연구교수 모집

  • 등록금 지원, 월급 지급, 국내/외 학회 참가 지원


Email : seansl at khu.ac.kr